USUDS was made by cities and for cities. It was the product of two decades of city-to-city cooperation within the framework of MedCities.

Cities were core of the USUDS initiative. The empowerment of local authorities through the development of city development strategies which reinforce their capabilities is behind the logics of the whole project.

USUDS was constituted by 7 cities from the three shores of the Mediterranean. Two kind of cities joint the initiative to create a network of municipalities interested in City Development Strategies. On one hand, those cities that wanted to elaborate a Strategic Plan (Sousse, Saida and Larnaka) and on the other hand, cities that went under this process in the past and wanted to share their experience such as Alfayhaa, Málaga and Sfax

This three last cities that had previous experience in urban strategic planning, acted as Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTC) collecting best practices and promoting debates among experts and practitioners on different topics identified as particularly interesting. They also disseminated the methodology of urban strategic planning, providing assistance and advice to those cities interested in launching their own strategy.

After the USUDS Project, the KTCs became a part of MedCities Network. To know more about their objectives and tasks, please visit their page on MedCities website.

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (Spain), acting as the General Secretariat of MedCities, operated as the network coordinator.